find deals online

Nowadays many of us simply load up when we’re looking to make a new purchase. We assume that Amazon will have the best price and the reviews make it easy to know when we’re getting a reliable item.

However, there are many independent shops and alternative buying platforms online that often offer deals that exceed the best of what can be found on Further, sometimes even Amazon has very special deals one might otherwise not notice.

The amount of savings that can be accumulated through these deals can be very substantial. It’s possible to save thousands of dollars a year through simply knowing how to find a good bargain.

There are a number of great sites that exist to help consumers find hot deals of the moment. Here are a few sites and tips to get the most out of shopping online.


The top site we recommend for finding deals online is Slickdeals makes it very easy to find some of the best deals on the internet at any given moment. Whether you’re looking to buy a new TV or a new computer, it’s always worth having a look at slickdeals to see if you can find a great discount.

It’s even possible to find free electronics and other cool accessories on slickdeals. Manufacturers sometimes offer as much as 70-100% rebates on the retail price. We can’t explain why this happens, but it’s definitely something to take advantage of.

Pro tip: Check out the slickdeals forums for even more deals.

Amazon Deals

Another good opportunity for finding great limited time deals is to check Amazon’s deal section. It can be accessed by clicking this link. Here you’ll find a wide variety of items discounted anywhere from 5-99% off. It might take a bit of searching to find something of interest, but it’s worth it to find that special bargain.

Time of Year

There are obvious times of year to find good deals. Black Friday, after Christmas, and so forth. Thinking about buying a new TV in November? You might want to wait until after Thanksgiving. There are just so many Black Friday bargains to take advantage of.

But there are also less obvious times to find deals online. Lifehacker has put together a great article that explains the best time to buy anything during the year. Who knew that August was a great time to buy office furniture?

Patience Is Key

Often times a little logic can go a long way, particularly when on the market for an expensive item. Looking for a new computer but on a tight budget? Don’t buy it just after it has come out. Instead, wait a while until a newer model has been released. Hopefully, stores will be looking to offload old inventory for heavily discounted prices. Same item, cheaper price. It’s worth the wait.

This same logic can be applied to any number of things. Strategically timing a purchase of a television, phone, bike, and much more can really pay off.


There are many great strategies that can be used to find deals online. From monitoring deal sites like slickdeals and Amazon deals to timing the market and being patient, there are easy options anyone can follow. It’s time to get saving!