There’s nothing like the ease of having a flatscreen on the wall to take in the game or watch a movie. Here are a few things to consider when picking out your next TV.

#1: Can it sync up to your other devices? These days, having a TV that can synch up to your phone or computer is almost a necessity. If you want to put a YouTube video or game up on the big screen, having a TV with that functionality will make life easier. 

#2: Will it fit in your living room? Make sure you measure the space on your wall or wherever it is you’re going to put your new TV. It’s pretty frustrating to bring a large, bulky item back from the store, only to find that it won’t fit where you want it to.

#3: Think about your resolution. Not your New Year’s resolutions, but rather the display quality of your TV. Don’t buy anything less than 4K resolution if you want your TV to last into the next generation (of TVs) although you don’t have to splurge on 8K for now (at the time of this article). 

#4: Get some speakers. As TVs get thinner, the quality of sound is decreasing because the speakers are also smaller. Get a soundbar or a sound system you can hook your TV up to, especially if you want to enjoy some cinema-quality experiences.

#5: Check it out yourself. You can pretty much ignore aspect-ratio specs from the manufacturer, because they may have fudged the numbers. Get a good look at the customer reviews to make sure the model you’re considering has the quality you want.

#6: Make sure it’s HDR compatible. High Dynamic Range will deliver more pop, color, and definition to your viewing experience. If you don’t, your TV will quickly start to feel outdated.

#7: Don’t pay for an extra warranty if you don’t need one. The store or retailer may try to upsell you an extra warranty, but if you pay with a credit card, the credit card company may offer some purchase protection. Moreover, there may already be a manufacturer’s warranty.

There sure are a lot of factors to consider when shopping for a new TV. Make sure you do your research and check out the options available.