online learning

Thanks to the internet access to information is better than it has ever been before. No matter what you’re interested in learning about, a simple google search can give you a plethora of knowledge. It’s even possible to earn degrees on the internet in fields like psychology, social work and nursing. Knowledge has simply never been easier to acquire. However, access to all of this information can be overwhelming. It can be hard to know where exactly is the best place to learn. That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the best online learning platforms below.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a completely free and outstanding resource for learning math and science topics. Topics are taught in the form of very effective short videos. Math subjects range from basic arithmetic to multivariable calculus and differential equations. The site also uses a lot of gamification tactics to keep one motivated.


Udemy is a paid platform but the site regularly offers steep discounts on their courses, making them typically very cheap. They offer courses in a wide range of subjects from photography to programming. There’s also a review system which makes it easy to figure out which of the courses are good and which are not so good.

They have a massive library of courses and are definitely worth checking out.


FreeCodeCamp is the most niche of the online learning platforms on this list. That’s because it is mostly focused around learning to be a web programmer. However, we wanted to include it here because of the demand and value in being able to code in the modern world. We think that everyone should be able to adapt themselves to the changing demands of the workforce, and knowing how to code is a great start. FreeCodeCamp is an excellent resource to learn all about coding at no cost.


For those who like to learn in video format, it’s hard to beat YouTube. The amount of content available in an easy to consume video format on YouTube is mind boggling.

Whether you want to learn about basic or advanced cooking techniques, healthy eating, or home gardening, YouTube has it all.

Although Youtube is one of the best online learning platforms around, it can be tough to know what material is high quality and what isn’t, as anyone can upload content. We recommend filtering by number of video views. If you’re watching a video that has been watched more than any of the others in the area you’re trying to learn about, it’s more likely to be a good video.


Skillshare is a paid online learning platform which offers a range of subjects in areas such as design, illustration, entrepreneurship, photography and writing. It costs $15 per month or $100 per year, and paying gives you access to all of the content. Their courses are also distributed in video format and they offer a number of courses from true experts in their field. Definitely worth giving this one a look as well.