travel sites

Planning a trip is a lot of work. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going on a simple trip, a luxury river cruise, or an exotic African safari. It takes time to figure out where you want to go, what hotel you want to book, how much money you want to spend, what sights to see and activities to do, and the list goes on. To make things easier, we’ve put together a list of our top travel sites that anyone can use for a better trip.

#1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor might be an obvious choice to many, but it’s too good to not include here. The website provides an easy platform to see all of the attractions of any given area. From restaurants to museums to parks, TripAdvisor lets you see everything and it’s very easy to navigate. What’s even better is that these attractions are reviewed and ranked by their desirability. The top restaurants, museums, parks, hotels, activities, and more will be shown in order from most desired to least desired.

#2. AirBNB

Sometimes when you’re traveling you don’t want to stay in a standard hotel. It’s better to experience the culture of an area by staying in a home or apartment that residents would live in. AirBNB makes this very easy. It’s as simple to use as a hotel booking platform and lets you book either a room in someone else’s apartment or the full apartment itself. Often the pricing on AirBNB can be a lot cheaper than the pricing of a hotel of the same quality too.

#3. The Points Guy

One of the best ways to travel on the cheap is to accumulate points on travel rewards credit cards. It’s amazing how many free flights, hotels, and more you can accumulate using these cards. The Points Guy is a blog which helps users identify the best ways to use the points they earn on their travel cards. It also helps select the best travel rewards cards to use and covers information on the various travel hacks to improve your experience.

#4. ITA Software’s Matrix Platform

Often times it can be hard to find the best flight to book. There are so many options and it’s tough to sort through everything and find a good deal. Fortunately, with ITA Software’s Matrix platform the process is made much easier. Simply plug in your destination into its search engine and it will show you all available flights and prices for your date range. It can often find great flights that other flight engines will miss. It’s great for navigating complex flight itineraries as well.


Whether you’re a traveling entrepreneur, a businessman, or someone going on a simple trip, traveling requires a lot of planning and budgeting work. But when you add these travel sites to your arsenal, the process becomes much easier. It won’t be long before traveling becomes a piece of cake. Best of luck on your next trip!