In today’s climate, the prospect of having fresh, pure water delivered directly to your door is more attractive than ever. Buying water in bulk from the store can be a lot of hassle, risky, and hard to find. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent and affordable water delivery services that can deliver high-quality water in bulk straight to your home.

The Problem With Bottled Water and Tap Water

Many people have started to buy bottled water in supermarkets due to the low quality of tap water. Although lead pipes were banned from being used for drinking water in 1986, many systems still have them and there is a widespread problem in the United States of lead contamination in drinking water – not to mention many other harmful chemicals and toxins.¹ While bottled water is one solution it is also expensive and the many plastic bottles are harmful for the environment.

How Good Is Your Current Water?

If you are concerned about the quality of your home’s tap water, a water delivery service can give you some peace of mind with their guaranteed pure water. Some people request water delivery services if their municipal water supply is not fluoridated — or, if it is fluoridated and they prefer fluoride-free water. Another situation that leads many to consider bottled water or water delivery is when city officials ask residents to boil water before drinking, because it can contain harmful microbes or toxic chemicals. The good news, however, is that it’s never too soon to start getting water delivered to your home or business.²

The Solution? Water Delivery

Buying water through water delivery companies is an excellent way of saving money while getting to enjoy delicious, healthy drinking water, as many of these companies offer discounts since you are generally buying a decent amount of water. Water is delivered in large containers that will last for weeks. Discounts can be quite significant, ranging up to 50% and if you order in large volume for an office or stockpiling far into the future you can save big – certainly more than you would loading up at the grocery store on sub-par bottled water.³

How Much Does Water Delivery Cost?

Water delivery is cheaper than many people realize. In fact, the average cost of delivering a large bottle is just $7 to $8 per bottle. Water is generally delivered in large five liter jars that are designed to fit in the water dispenser, and most companies will lend you dispensers if you don’t have any at home or at the office.⁴

The Many Benefits of Water Delivery

There are many benefits of the water delivery service: these include the fact that you will not need to go to the local supermarket and weigh yourself down with dozens of bottles of water anymore, or spend money on ineffective water filters that need to be replaced every few weeks. Water delivery services are also a great option for the elderly and people with disabilities, because they can avoid the transport of heavy water bottles and be sure of always having enough clean water around to drink.

Choosing The Right Water Delivery Service

The best way to get started with a water delivery research is to do some basic online research. There are a number of companies that can deliver fresh, high quality water to your door and the pricing can vary significantly by company. For this reason, it makes sense to compare several different options and ultimately go with the one that makes the most sense for your specific area. Starting with an online search you can compare different companies in terms of pricing, volume of water and quality of water and make the decision that is best for you.⁵

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