river cruise

You might think that the most amazing cruises are those to the tropics, or perhaps Alaska. But have you ever considered taking a river cruise? Here are a few surprising reasons why you’ll probably enjoy it much more:

#1: More luxury.

Boats that cruise down rivers are smaller, typically like the size of a large yacht. There may be at most a few dozen cabins on board. With fewer guests, the cabins tend to be larger and more luxurious. Some boats may even boast a balcony for every cabin. Due to the width of the ship, there won’t tend to be cabins midships; every cabin will certainly have a window—something you can’t guarantee on a larger, traditional cruising venue. 

#2: More scenery.

River cruises don’t sail out in the open ocean. They sail down magnificent and famous rivers like the Volga, the Danube, or the Mississippi. Whether natural scenery or elegant cityscapes are your cup of tea (or both) you’ll get to experience them up-close with a river cruise. In fact, the scenery is probably one of the strongest selling points of a river cruise, because normally the most frequent thing you see on a traditional cruise is the color blue. 

#3: A more intimate setting.

A vacation on a large cruise ship can be overwhelming, and you feel lost in the shuffle of thousands of guests. By contrast, a river cruise will offer you a more relaxed and intimate venue. The dining hall won’t be packed with several hundred tables, and it’s easier to get a window seat. It’s also easier to get a front-row seat at shows, concerts, and other varieties of onboard entertainment. And you won’t have to struggle to find a chair on deck to watch the scenery go by.

#4: More immersion.

On a traditional cruise, the boat drops you off and it’s up to you to pick a tour—which could be a hit or miss experience. By contrast, river cruises will often offer an immersive, quality, guided tour at each port. Because there are only so many passengers, instead of offering a huge quantity of options, the cruise line may offer one or two quality shore experiences. Moreover, river cruises may dock in port longer, giving you more time to explore. 

With all of these incredible benefits, don’t wait until tomorrow to sail down the rivers of Europe or North America (or anywhere else). Do some research and check out some of the best river cruise options.