new cell phone

Let’s face it. The shelf-life of a smartphone is not very long. Every year mobile phone manufacturers make major updates to their hardware, releasing slick new features and designs. It’s hard to remember how many variations of the iPhone or Galaxy have been around at this point. A phone that was once cutting edge three years ago quickly becomes an outdated piece of junk. It seems all too often we end up back on the market for a new phone.

Unfortunately, smartphones these days are hard to live without. From helping us keep in touch with our friends, family, and colleagues, assisting us in navigating to where we need to go, to even tracking our exercise habits, all of us rely on our smartphones. For that reason, it’s important to make sure we own a good mobile phone that meets all of our needs. Below are some strategies to follow when looking for a new smartphone.

Always Look For Deals

Since there are so many phones on the market, it is very common for great deals to come available. Simply reading and following deal and personal finance websites can often result in finding fantastic deals that help make your buying decision much easier.

It’s also a good idea to attempt to time your purchase well. If you’re on the market for a Samsung Galaxy phone, consider waiting until a newer version comes out and then scooping up an older model for much cheaper. It’s rare that one generation will make much of a difference in performance, and the cash savings in buying a slightly older version can be huge.

As a site tip, if you’re tired of spending money on an old landline you hardly use anymore, consider VOIP as a cheaper and effective alternative.

Consider Your Needs

Some seniors don’t need any of the fancy features of a smartphone. They’re just looking to call and text with their loved ones. If this is you, a cheap and old fashioned, easy to use, flip phone might make sense.

Some people just love keyboards and hate touch screens. For this group, Blackberry phones are worthy to consider. Who cares if they’re not so popular anymore if they satisfy your needs in a phone.

Finally, others are power users who need the best specs available. These buyers will often want to look at the latest Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone models.

Read Reviews

If you have absolutely no idea what kind of phone you want, a good place to start is to read consumer reviews. Check out an unbiased consumer review site like Consumer Reports to make sure you’re getting a good phone for the money. Consumer Reports will be able to suggest the best phones on the market even if you’re completely unaware of what you want. It’s a great starting place

In addition to authority sites like Consumer Reports, it makes sense to actually read user reviews. Look up a few phone brands on Amazon and see what other users have to say about them.

Do You Qualify For A Free Phone?

Sometimes, buying a new cell phone can be a simple decision. If you’re on a fixed long-term mobile plan that is coming up for renewal, you can often get a new phone for free. In these situations, you’ll still have to decide what phone you want, but options will often be much more limited. It’s usually easier to figure out the best available option for your plan.