We pretty much use phones for everything these days. If you’re looking for a new phone, it’s important to make sure you get the right one for all of your needs. Here are a few things to consider before buying your next one. 

#1: Determine if you really MUST have an iPhone or Galaxy.

While these two companies (Apple and Samsung, respectively) have made it seem like there are only two options on the market, that’s not the case. Motorola, Google, and Nexus both offer phones with similar processing power, but at half the price—or less. [1] Many of the apps offered on iPhone and Android can also be found on these other devices. 

#2: Do you really need the latest phone?

Everyone wants to have the latest and greatest piece of technology, but oftentimes these phones have the lowest value. They may be only a few steps ahead of the previous phone generation, but priced much higher because of the hype. Consider shopping around for previous models, which you can still buy brand new, but at a much lower cost. 

#3: It’s good to compare contracts.

Don’t let yourself be bamboozled into taking the first service plan that’s pushed on you. Service plans may vary widely in terms of price, call quality, and the bells and whistles that come with the plan. You may not need unlimited internet browsing if you only use your phone for calls and texting, as an example—so don’t let yourself get talked into paying for more than what you need.

#4: Read product reviews.

While it’s true that phones generally have less bugs and issues than a traditional desktop, there can still be kinks in the system. Read some reviews to see what users are saying about the OS (operating system) and the hardware itself. Don’t assume that just because a smartphone comes in some awesome packaging that it’s perfect.

#5: Figure out what’s covered.

How’s the warranty on your intended phone, and what will it cover? In comparing your options, you’ll also want to make sure that your next phone is protected by a solid warranty. You might also want to check if the retailer offers additional coverage against water damage or theft. Alternatively, if they try to sell a service plan to you, you’ll want to make sure that your phone isn’t already protected by a manufacturer’s warranty (making the service plan just an added expense). 

You’ll want to shop around before picking out your next phone; make sure it’s a purchase you won’t regret. Check out some of your options.

[1] https://www.forbes.com/sites/jaymcgregor/2019/05/12/5-reasons-to-buy-googles-pixel-3a/#f16b6fb6089c