For most people, a degree is almost a requirement in order to pursue a successful career.

Choosing a degree path is tough, though. From tuition to flexibility, it can be very difficult to choose the career that will dictate your future.

For many students, nursing degrees are a saving grace. There is an incredible number of open nursing positions, being a nurse is fulfilling, and nursing degrees offer flexibility and affordability.

If you’re on the fence about your degree path, here’s why you should consider a career in nursing.

Online Opportunities

Online degree programs offer so many benefits that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Nursing degrees require students to face a fairly challenging selection of courses. Fortunately, though, the entire curriculum can be completed online without sacrificing quality.

Not only does this broaden your options, it also makes it more affordable, and you can take classes around your schedule.

Not everyone is able to take several years off from work to pursue a degree. For students balancing school and a full-time job, nursing degrees are very appealing.

Job Openings

One of the biggest challenges of choosing a degree is whether or not you’ll get a job once you’re out of college.

Not only do nursing jobs offer great pay, but there are also plenty of job openings. Nursing job openings are growing at a much faster rate than most careers.

Nurses are and always will be in demand. No matter what shape the economy is in, nurses will likely be able to find jobs.


College tuition is already very expensive and is still rising. Most students have to take out thousands and thousands of dollars in loans to pay for their education. This leads to many people taking on more debt than they can handle.

Fortunately for nurses, there are several scholarship, grants, and loan forgiveness programs. They do this to encourage people to pursue a nursing career by eliminating or reducing their debt.

If finances are an issue for you, as they are for many, consider getting a nursing degree.


Plenty of people want to see the world but are restricted by their careers.

Nurses, however, have a variety of options when it comes to travel opportunities.

First, nurses are in demand all over the world. If there’s a certain location you have in mind, there’s a great chance you’ll be able to get a job there.

Aside from that, you’ll have the option to join organizations like Doctors Without Borders or the Peace Corps. You can travel and help individuals from destination around the world.

Schedule Flexibility

Nurses around restricted to the typical 9-5 schedule, which most people would like to avoid.

You can work days, evenings, overnight, weekends, and more. Not only can you choose your hours, but in many cases, you’ll be able to stack shifts in order to reduce your weekly schedule to three or four days.

For people searching for extreme job flexibility, nursing may be the perfect solution.

Choosing a career path is hard. Nursing degrees are fulfilling, flexible, profitable, and affordable. For these reasons, and many others, more and more people are choosing a career in nursing.