hair loss treatment

Male pattern baldness (MPB) is an incredibly common condition that affects men around the world. While it isn’t a threat to your overall health, it can do a lot to damage your confidence.

According to WebMD, MPB is the cause of over 95% of hair loss in men. Over two-thirds of American men experience some degree of hair loss by 35, and 85% of men have significantly thinning hair.

As you can see, hair loss is a fairly large concern for seniors. Fortunately, there are plenty of treatments available.

Let’s take a look at a few of the best senior hair loss treatment plans available.


hims offers a variety of treatment products to help men of all ages slow hair loss.

Customers can purchase Finasteride pills, which are prescribed by a licensed doctor. This FDA approved hair loss solution is able to effectively increase hair volume and health in as little as three to six months.

Customers can also purchase Minoxidil drops. Minoxidil is a topical solution which sheds old hairs and replaces them with new ones, which promotes regrowth and slows hair thinning. If you’re not familiar with Minoxidil, it is the primary active ingredient in Rogaine.

Other products that can be purchased as part of the hair loss kit or separately include DHT blocking shampoo and Biotin vitamins.

All things considered, hims offers a full-featured hair loss treatment plan for seniors at an affordable price.


Keeps is another subscription service, similar to hims, which offers effective hair loss solutions for seniors.

Like hims, Keeps partners with licensed doctors to diagnose hair loss, develop treatment plans, and prescribe FDA-approved drugs, if necessary.

Customers can choose plans including Finasteride and Minoxidil. Plans start as low as $10 per month — depending on the type of treatment your hair loss requires.

Keeps low prices and research-backed treatment plans make it a great option for seniors affected by hair loss.


Lastly, HairNu offers an all-natural treatment for hair loss.

The treatment uses ingredients that are well-researched, safe to use, and effective.

One bottle of HairNu’s proprietary treatment costs $49.95. Customers can save money by buying in bulk. You can also choose to supplement this treatment with Biotin — a vitamin which helps boost hair growth and slow hair loss.

For seniors worried about affecting their health by taking manufactured treatments, HairNu is a great all-natural alternative.

Find Affordable Hair Loss Treatments

These three are only a few of the many hair loss treatment plans available for seniors.

For as little as $10 per month, you can start treating your hair loss today. All you have to do is go online and search for deals which fit your budget and treatment needs.

Make sure to do plenty of research before choosing any products. Every person is different and requires different treatment. Seniors, in particular, should be sure to do research to make sure their treatment won’t interfere with any other medications.

Save money on hair loss solutions by searching for and comparing some of the many treatments available on the market today.