As you enter your golden years, you’re probably hoping to spend some time traveling the world.

Cruises are popular for many seniors. They offer a convenient way to travel to a variety of exciting places. Food and entertainment is included.

Of course, if you want to have five-star accommodations, you’ll have to take a luxury cruise. But you may be thinking that the price tag of such a trip is out of your range.

Well it’s time to stop making those kinds of assumptions, because with the prices that cruise lines are offering in 2019, the world is your oyster. And it’s time to grab the cocktail sauce.

Or maybe we should say, grab the mignonette, given the caliber of the cruise lines you can travel on.

Not enough tourists to fill up cabins on luxury voyages

Cruises have been becoming more popular since the 1990s. Cruise companies like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian have built dozens of ships. There are tens of thousands of cabins available, and often not enough tourists to fill them.

Feel like those cruise lines don’t fall into the luxury category? Seaborne, Regent, Crystal, and Viking also often have oversupply issues.

These cruise lines hate it when cabins go unsold, because it means fewer passengers to spend money on drinks, excursions, and alternative dining experiences.

How luxury cruise lines fill up their unsold cabins

So what they might do is contact everyone who has already booked a trip, and try to upsell them into a higher-level cabin—perhaps something with more space and a balcony.

That will leave open the lower-tier cabins. The cruise line will try to unload them in a few different ways.

They may give special deals to residents who live in the state the ship will sail from. They may send out an email blast or post on Twitter. Or they may reach out to their network of travel agents.

Another way the cruise line will try to fill unsold cabins is by unloading them online. There are dozens of luxury cruise lines who are eagerly trying to reach 100% capacity.

If you thought that a cruise down the Volga River or into Glacier Bay on five-star accommodations was out of your reach, think again. Do a bit of research and you may just be surprised.

Bon Voyage!