It takes constant practice and dedication to maintain good mental and physical health. However, this can be difficult to do on your own.

There are countless apps on the iOS and Android app stores that help users improve their mental and physical health, but it can be hard to decide which ones are worth your time.

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Check out these 5 health apps to help you establish more effective and consistent routines to improve your mental and physical health.


Fitocracy takes a very unique approach to motivating its users to workout. This app hooks users by treating working out like an MMORPG — meaning users can enter their workouts, earn points, and level up. This approach has gained Fitocracy a loyal user base.

As users move through levels, they can earn achievements, complete quests, participate in challenges, and start duels. Additionally, users can communicate with friends, join groups, and participate in forums.

The social and gaming features included in Fitocracy have proven to motivate its users to get out of bed and workout.


Headspace is an award-winning meditation app that has helped millions of users live happier lives through mindfulness.

By meditating for just 10 minutes per day, Headspace can help users tame their anxiety, improve their sleep patterns, increase their focus, and others.

After downloading and completing the free introductory course, users can subscribe to Headspace for $7.99/month to gain access to a variety of courses meant to help with different issues.

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Fooducate’s goal is about what you would expect — to educate people about the food that they put in their bodies. Fooducate assigns grades to its library of foods so that users can easily compare items before purchasing or eating them.

Beyond this feature, users can track their food intake, exercise, and more. Users can also interact with the Fooducate community and receive food recommendations straight from the app.

Together, these features make Fooducate one of the most robust nutrition-tracking apps available.


Calm, like Headspace, is a meditation app that offers a variety of meditation courses centered around mindfulness.

In addition to meditation, Calm offers access to sleep stories, calming soundscapes, relaxing music, masterclasses, and a body program, which focuses on activities like stretching.

While many of these resources are available for free, for full access, users have to pay a subscription fee of $69.99/year.


MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular health and fitness apps available on the market, and for good reason. MyFitnessPal offers an extensive range of features to help its customers stay on top of their diets and exercise routines.

From counting calories and scanning barcodes to easily add foods to tracking your exercise, setting fitness goals, and integrating with other health apps, MyFitnessPal contains all of the tools you need to create and stick to a healthy nutrition plan. While MyFitnessPal does have the option to subscribe to gain access to all of its features, many of them are available in the free version.

These 5 health apps, which are all available on both iOS and Android, are worth trying out in order to help you improve your mental and physical health.