Whether you’re looking for a tropical getaway, or a relaxing mountain retreat, 2022 is the year to take a well deserved vacation. Contrary to popular belief, an island holiday doesn’t have to cost you thousands. Below are this year’s top picks for budget vacations in 2022.

The Philippines

Why vacation here: Gorgeous views and wonderful food. The culture here is also an incredible experience

The Philippines makes for an interesting choice, as many people don’t see it as a prime vacation destination. Finding inexpensive lodging is incredibly easy, and the sights are some of the most beautiful if you know where to look. Cities such as Manila are great for tourists as they offer decently priced lodging and an abundance of cheap, but incredibly delicious food.

Some things to watch out for are tourist traps, which can make your modestly priced vacation go from budget to busted very quickly.

The Dominican Republic

Why vacation here: White sand beaches and bright blue waters make this an attractive destination.

Miles of coastline, bright green forests, and water so blue you can’t tell where the sky begins, the Dominican Republic is a popular hotspot for vacationers. While many people would disregard the Dominican, it is actually a great place to take an inexpensive holiday. The main focus here is avoiding areas deemed “touristy” – resorts are incredibly pricey and can drive up the cost of your vacation.

In the Dominican, live, eat, and play local. Avoid tourist centered locations to get the most out of your dollar.


Why vacation here: Stunning vistas and dense forests are perfect for the avid outdoorsman.

The country of Laos is an absolutely must visit if you’re always outside. The view is absolutely stunning, and the people are incredibly friendly. Backpacking in this beautiful country will always yield a breathtaking view, and this budget vacation destination has something for every kind of vacationer. From food to fun, Laos is a fabulous place to visit to be closer to nature.


Why vacation here: A great place to relax and realign yourself, coupled with stunning mountain views and a peaceful atmosphere.

Few will say that Nepal is anything but jaw-droppingly gorgeous. From the cool mountain air to the lush forests, Nepal offers a calming reprieve from the busy 9 – 5 grind. The locals are incredibly friendly, and the accommodations are comfortable. It is also a very cheap place to vacation; food and commodities are very reasonably priced, and there lacks the usual tourist traps that vacationers get sucked into. Overall, it’s a relaxing home away from home.


Why vacation here: Portugal is a cultural hotspot full of fresh food and ripe history.

Portugal is one of the best places to visit if you want a vacation full of food, friends, and history. The country boasts scenic views both inland and on the coast, as well as a selection of fine foods sure to please even new travellers. The accommodations are inexpensive, and backpacking through this incredible country is an experience in itself.

Vacations don’t have to be expensive affairs; a cheap flight somewhere in the world often results in a free experience that will last for decades.