It’s no secret that the number of seniors is increasing in America. People are living longer, and the baby boomer generation has already been phasing into retirement.

Builders and real estate tycoons have anticipated this trend, and have built lots of senior housing facilities and communities. Many of which are quite luxurious.

This has lead to an abundance of housing with not enough people to fill them.

The result? Dropping prices.

Costs are low; the time to act is now.

Now is the perfect time to move into a luxury senior community. Homes are available but sitting empty, leading management companies to offer serious discounts.

Of course, as the baby boomer generation gets further into retirement, these communities will start to get filled, driving prices up. So now is the time to act.

Never before has so much retirement luxury been available at so low a cost.

What luxury senior living looks like

If you are considering senior care for yourself or for your parents, put away those visions of tiled floors, gelatinous food, and walls that are a crayola shade of “institutional white.”

More and more senior living options, especially in the luxury sector, look like the type of trendy apartment communities you’d expect wealthy 20-and-30-somethings to live in.

Poolside lounges, recreation rooms, well-tended gardens, and dynamic programming are just some of the draws of luxury senior housing.

You or your parents will be able to maintain healthy social connections and stay active, while also receiving the supervision needed to stay safe.

Some communities even offer award-winning chefs, wine cellars, and spa experiences—the kind of things you’d expect from a five-star hotel or cruise ship.

But again, if you want to take advantage of these options at affordable prices, the time to act is now. Luxury senior communities may have an oversupply of rooms now, but the’ll be sure to fill up in the next decade or so.

Prices will vary by location, amenities, and types of services you or your parents will need. Your best bet is to do a bit of research and see what’s available.