You’re planning your trip to the sunny Las Vegas, and all you can think about is how pricey some of the attractions and events actually are. However, if you know where to look, you can actually book a very inexpensive vacation to Las Vegas and still have a ridiculous amount of fun.

If you aren’t sure what you can do in Vegas on a budget, check out these three ways you can save tons of money.

1. The Offseason

Tourism has a season, even in the adult playground that is Las Vegas. Even though the temperatures are around 60 to 70 degrees in the winter in Las vegas, people still tend to go there in the summer time. This means that the winter is the downtime in Sin City.

More specifically, between January and February, Las Vegas hotels see a significant decline in tourists. Las Vegas is a smart town, though, and this time of year is considered convention season, because so many conventions are going on. This means discounts on everything.

Finding lodging in Las Vegas this time of year is very simple, and the room rates are a fraction of what they are even a month later. Make sure you travel to Vegas in the offseason to get the best rates.

In addition to great room rates, you can also get excellent sale prices on show tickets and other entertainment in Las Vegas during the offseason. Even Cirque Du Soleil shows offer deep discounts this time of the year.

2. Get to Know Locals

Spending a few minutes chatting up your server or an usher at a show will give you an edge when it comes to saving money on your Vegas trip. The locals (especially the ones who work in casinos) have the inside story on shows that offer discounts, ticket sales and even where to score the best food at the lowest price. Have a conversation with the people you interact with. You never know, you may just end up with a comp.

3. Tip, Tip, Tip

If you want to know how to get the best seats in the theater, it’s simple. Make sure you go to the later shows (they’re always less crowded). If the theater looks a little empty, you can strike up a conversation with the person seating you.

When you are seated at the show, give the person who is seating you five dollars per person in your group, and let them know you’re cool with getting moved up if possible. While this doesn’t work every single time (certain shows are bound by rules), you may find that about 10 or 15 minutes into the show, your group is moved to better seating.

There are a lot of ways to save on your next Vegas trip. Be sure to go in the offseason, get to know the locals and never forget to tip. If you are looking for great rates on Las Vegas entertainment, make sure you do your research. Different times of the year will give you different prices, but they are always available.