Hopefully you never have to go to court for anything, but if you do, you won’t want to go alone.

Having legal counsel to get the verdict or settlement you want is indispensable—but often expensive.

Advertisements for lawyers are everywhere, from billboards to the back of magazines. With so many lawyers all over the place, it can be time-consuming to do an in-person search and find out who is best. And it can be even harder to find the best price.

Fortunately you don’t have to meet with dozens of lawyers around town; you can just go online and find one through a search.

How To Look For Potential Lawyers Online

Now, you might be reluctant to find a lawyer online. After all, isn’t the internet a place where anyone can make themselves seem like something they’re not?

Not really.

Even on the internet, a good law office will look professional. If they care about their work, they’ll put money and effort into maintaining a good website. They want to draw in fresh traffic and impress visitors, so their site will look good and have good content.

You can also check out reviews online from previous clients—something that’s next to impossible to do outside the web.

There are many different kinds of lawyers. The specific type you’ll need depends on the reason you need assistance.

Types Of Lawyers You Might Be Looking For

Auto accident attorneys will help you navigate the fallout from a car accident. Even if you were not at fault, and your insurance company will be cutting you a check (depending on the extent of the damage) you may want to consult with a lawyer—because even your own insurance company has their own best interests at heart.

Personal injury attorneys will help you get adequate reparations for any injury you’ve sustained in the workplace or in your own private life. From vicious dog attacks to personal slander, they can work with any type of tort incident (civil wrong) and help you get what you deserve—or defend you from someone who is making a claim against you.

Divorce lawyers work with couples who are going their separate ways. These couples will need to deal with some tricky issues like who gets to keep what, and how often each person is going to spend time with the kids. Divorce is already an extremely stressful phase of life for the 50% of married couples who go through it (these days) and the 70% of second-married couples. Don’t let legal arguments add to the stress…let someone else deal with it for you.

DUI attorneys will help you deal with the punitive measures that might have been met out to you for driving under the influence of alcohol (and drugs in some instances). The DUI process is pretty harsh, involving steep fines, months of remedial classes, and lengthy suspension of your license…so it’s best to see if a lawyer can help you get the charges dropped, or at least make them a little easier to digest.

Whatever type of lawyer you need, you can find one online. Doing an online search allows you to learn more about a law office before committing. You can check reviews and scope out their web presence to see how legit they look. Start today and see what lawyers are available near you.