If you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably heard a lot of noise around holiday car sales.

Fourth of July Blowout….

Memorial Day Savings…

Labor Day Discounts…

…that you won’t want to miss!

Based on these ads, you probably think cars are driving themselves off the lot.

What really ends up happening:

The thing is, though, that most people do miss these sales and savings—leaving car dealers with a lot full of unsold vehicles.

As the year goes on, of course, these car dealers will be getting new models, meaning they have to clear out the lot.

Selling cars is not like selling magazines and paperbacks. In case you’re curious, the drugstore rips the covers off unsold books and mags and tosses them in the dumpster. Then they write them off as a loss.

Doesn’t quite work like that with cars.

If you need to run over to the dumpster behind Rite Aid and pick up last month’s edition of People Magazine, wait until you get to the end of this article…

Because you’re going to learn how to snag unbelievable savings from eager car dealers.

It’s all about timing

Whether you’re looking to finance or lease a new vehicle, you can get great deals just by looking around at the right time of year—and the good news is that those right times occur throughout the year.

That time of the year is after the advertised holiday sales.

The timing can get even better.

Check out the deals that come just before the new models arrive.

Of course, this will vary from model to model, so you’ll have to do a little research.

The exact monthly pricing you’ll get will vary from car to car, and whether you’re leasing or buying. Location will also make a difference, as will personal factors such as your credit score.

To avoid the headache of sifting through all your potential options, it makes a lot of sense to do a bit of research online. The discounts that are currently available just must surprise you.