water delivery

It seems like these days, almost everything can be delivered: food, groceries, and even those odds and ends you get at the drugstore. Even so, you might be reluctant to pay for a water delivery service. After all, isn’t water free from the tap? Here are a few things about bottled water you may not have considered.

#1: Do you know what’s in the water from your tap?

Depending on where you live, it’s probably not very clean and wholesome. There may also be additives like flouride, which can create medical side effects over time. Bottled water is purified, and may also be drawn from a natural source like a well or spring. Moreover, because of the filtration and natural source, it often tastes much better than what’s on tap. 

#2: Using water delivery services is easier and more environmentally friendly than buying it at the Supermarket.

Given the fact that tap water may not be your healthiest bet, you may just consider buying water bottles at the supermarket. Unfortunately, carrying a large case or plastic jugs of bottled water out to the car is a bit cumbersome. Moreover, a lot of plastic has been used to bottle that water. It will all go in the trash if there are no recycling facilities in your area.

#3: Paying for a water delivery surface can actually yield some great savings.

Buying water at the supermarket can add up. By contrast, you can get a larger amount of water for a lower price, delivered right to your door. In fact, many companies can bring you a 5-gallon drum of water for as little as $6. Companies often offer discounts because they know consumers tend to order more than one bottle at once. [1]

#4: Having a water cooler in your home is also just super convenient.

If dishes are piled up in the sink, or someone is using it while cooking, thrusting your glass under their nose to get a sip can be tricky. But this won’t be a problem at all if you have a separate water cooler, which a water delivery service can set you up with. Even better, many water coolers will have separate taps for cool water and hot water, making it much easier to enjoy a cup of hot tea. 

With the health, taste, cost, and convenience benefits of bottled water, you won’t regret signing up for a water delivery service. Do your own research and check out the best options available in your area.

[1] https://www.business.com/articles/pricing-and-costs-of-delivered-water/