You won’t believe some of these deals on luxury SUVs

For years, an SUV was a symbol of luxury that many Americans couldn’t afford—despite their popularity. Four-door sedans and minivans were a better option financially, although a vehicle like a Cadillac Escalade or Chevy Suburban might seem more appealing.

But recently, owning an SUV has become a more likely possibility, as car dealers are scrambling to push them off the lots (with paying drivers inside, of course).

A few things have contributed to this trend.

It comes standard

First of all, features that used to seem like science-fiction luxuries in a vehicle are now pretty (yawn) standard. You don’t need to be Captain Kirk anymore to have a screened console in the dashboard with a camera in the back of the vehicle and a built-in GPS—everyone expects that.

This means that more expensive vehicles like luxury SUVs are just sitting around, waiting for someone to drive them away.

Higher-priced luxury cars have generally moved off the car lot more slowly than their middle-class counterparts. But now luxury dealers are worried that more standard vehicles are catching up, making luxury brands less appealing…and leaving more vehicles on the lot.

Out with the old, in with the new

Secondly, dealers are already getting new models for the 2020 calendar year. This means that the old models (which may even be in the still-current year) have got to go.

Car dealers may be reluctant to clear out the old inventory by lighting their SUVs on fire and pushing them into a lake (like a Viking Funeral)—but they’re happy to lease them at severely reduced prices.

Bigger is better

Thirdly, within the last decade or so there has been a consumer shift towards purchasing bigger vehicles like trucks and SUVs. After all, bigger and better is the American Way, right?

Car manufacturers have responded to this trend by building more SUVs. This has led to somewhat of an SUV oversupply, which is now ripe for the discount picking.

Amazing deals are happening right now

These three trends combined are creating an optimal climate for buyers in the market for an SUV—more so than ever before. And if you can’t afford the long-term burden of buying a vehicle outright, leasing becomes an attractive option.

Can you imaging driving around a Jeep Cherokee for less than $250 every month for the next three years? How about a Jeep Grand Cherokee for just over $300?1

If you’re looking for a smaller crossover vehicle, what about a Nissan Rogue for less than $250? Depending on the leasing options in your area, you might even be able to score one for less than $200 monthly.2

If you’re still seeking something a little pricier with a more reputable brand name, the Jaguar F-Pace 25t can be yours for less than $460.3

How to take advantage of this discount trend

In order to get the best deals, you need to browse around the local scene, but not in person: online.

Even just a simple search can yield some sweet discounts and rebates being offered by the car manufacturer.

You can also contact the dealership in person and negotiate prices, often by comparing their offer to other offers around town—something that’s harder to do in person.

So take a look, because it’s never been a better time to take advantage of SUV dealers getting rid of their unsold inventory.