joining a new gym

Whether you’re inspired by a New Year’s resolution or the call of the beach, joining a gym is a great way to get in shape. Unfortunately, most people don’t do their homework when looking for a place to work out. Here are a few things you should keep in mind. 

#1: It’s a culture, not just a gym.

While you think that going to the gym just involves lifting weights, running on the treadmill, or whatever else it is you’ll do there, it’s more than that. There will be other people at the gym, and you will end up seeing them regularly. You want to make sure that your workout space has the type of vibe you want. 

#2: Find out what you’re paying for.

Some gyms offer loads of classes, but you have to pay extra. Find out if your membership includes these classes, or if there’s some special package that does. Alternatively, if you don’t want to take part in those classes, ask if there is some sort of reduced rate or lower-priced option. Keep in mind that gyms want theses classes to fill up, so they may try to upsell you. 

#3: Location, location, location.

While location is the watchword in real estate, it also really matters when it comes to your gym experience. You’ll be amazed how procrastination can interfere with your gym career. If the gym is too far away, it will become easy to avoid going, especially if it’s something you have to squeeze in early in the morning. 

#4: Think about getting a personal trainer.

See if the gym offers personal trainers, how much that service costs, and if the trainers are ones you can click with. A personal trainer can really help you learn the ropes of healthy habits, exercising, and meeting your fitness goals.

#5: Cleanliness matters.

The cleanliness of the gym and its showers and changing rooms is a direct reflection of its management. Keeping the machines clean and well maintained is also important in terms of safety. Look around before joining to make sure that the management cares about the way the gym looks and that they maintain the equipment.  

With all these things to keep in mind, you won’t just want to pick any gym. Take a look and see what’s in your local area, and what will be the best fit for your health goals.