Today’s cruises provide incredible experiences filled with visits to beautiful destinations and wonderful on-board service. Thankfully, it’s now possible to find some great bargains on amazing cruises with some simple online research.

With so many great cruise journeys around the world, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go next. Here’s a guide to several great options worth considering for your next luxury cruise.

1. Antarctica

If you like penguins and glaciers then Antarctica is the place for you. There are a number of choices when it comes to luxury Antarctica cruises and guests keep returning with great stories from the White Continent, so there must be something to it. Most Antarctica cruises are all-inclusive and feature several luxurious dining experiences, pools, spas, movie theatres, and sometimes even Yoga studios. Adventure and luxury together? Sounds like a formula for success.¹

2. Galapagos Islands

Cruise in style around the beautiful Galapagos islands and experience a wealth of vibrant animals that exist nowhere else on earth. Sailing around on a journey of several days or more will entice you with amazing sights from the Galapagos National Park, which also limits how many people can cruise the area and keeps it serene. There are many options for all kinds of luxury cruises to the Galapagos and with the abundant nature and sumptuous onboard service you may find yourself booking an even longer Galapagos cruise the next time around.²

3. Caribbean

Soak up the sun—and maybe some rum if that’s your style—with a luxury Caribbean cruise. Cruising the Caribbean is all about living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment. With amazing weather, mouth-watering Caribbean delicacies and local cuisine and culture that varies vibrantly among the thousands of Caribbean islands from Antigua to Mustique, Barbados and St. Kitts, you are in for a world of enjoyment. The best time to go is in the window between November to April when natural disasters are less common and the air isn’t as humid as during the summer. Caribbean cruises are truly a delight for the senses and with luxury accommodation and services they are even better.³

4. Alaska

Luxury cruises in Alaska have become legendary because they keep getting rave reviews and leaving guests utterly impressed and satisfied. Alaska is truly unique, a journey through the wild heart of America’s northwest, where you will see calving glaciers, eat smoked salmon and other delicious treats, and choose from an enormously wide selection of luxury cruise lines that often offer very attractive deals at certain times of year. You may even get to see some of Alaska’s incredible wildlife. Alaska is fun for the whole family, from kids to the elderly and the natural sights and experiences will provide excitement for all. With all its benefits and the many deals available, Alaska is truly a great choice for a luxury cruise.⁴

5. European River Cruises

Cruise the rivers of Europe and explore its rich history and culture firsthand with a European river cruise. Whether you decide to go down the Rhine or see the lights of Budapest from the blue Danube, Europe has rivers—and landscapes—that will take your breath away. Some guests report that river cruising has a special charm unique from ocean cruises.

European river cruises offer smaller areas to cruise through with a more intimate, close-up feel. These cruises are able to easily dock and allow travelers to explore the wonders of European towns, historical sites, villages, wineries and more. Cruising Europe by river is becoming more and more popular and there are many luxury cruise lines to select from.⁵

Book a Cruise Today

Booking a cruise has never been easier. In the past, you’d have to consult a travel agent who would charge huge fees and make the whole process a hassle. Now, there are a number of great booking websites which allow you to quickly and easily book a cruise to your destination of choice at a price you may not believe. All it takes is an online search and you’ll be able to find a ton of different options to compare. With a little bit of research, it will be easy to find and book an affordable cruise to your ideal destination.